Happy Customer Testimonial

Our hard working Langtrees Hotel Manager Diane, received a letter of thanks and appreciation on Monday 17th of Sept. Our visitors response has been very encouraging and we strive to keep a high standard of accommodation and a friendly service. Below is a copy of the email.

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Lillie Langtry

Lillie LangtryLangtrees was named after Lillie langtry (1853 – 1929), the famous high-society Victorian beauty. Mary-Anne pinched the lithograph of Lillie from her grandfather. When she was trying to think of a name for her new bordello, an exhausted Mary-Anne looked up at Lillie’s picture and said “Come on, give me a hand!” Although Lillie didn’t answer, Mary-Anne took her surname anyway. Langtrees was born.

Mary-Anne discovered two years later that she had spelt the name of the brothel incorrectly. Lillie was not available for comment.

The lovely Lillie was a much admired English actress. It was rare for a woman of such high social standing to appear on the stage at the time. Known as “the Jersey Lily” on account of her beauty and her birthplace, she toured the United States with her own theatre company and performed in Britain and South Africa, For a time she was the mistress of the Prince of Wales, who later reigned as King Edward VII. The Prince publicly acknowledged her as his lover, a most unusual step for a member of the royal family.

Lillie refused to live her life within the boundaries imposed on women by Victorian society.

Not content to just be a pretty face, Lillie was an astute businesswoman with wide ranging financial interests. She mixed with influential men on their level, started a winery in America and owned racehorses.

Lillie was a busy girl with  a big fortune. A bit like Mary-Anne perhaps?

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Kalgoorlie Langtrees Hotel Renovations

Hi folks, just too say langtrees brothel has closed, and is currently being transformed in to a boutique hotel, when the transformation is complete, there will be no other hotel in kalgoorlie like it, a must for all who knew the old langtrees, looking for something a different ???? try our boutique hotel,and watch out for our FAB menu!!! exciting times for all concerned WATCH THIS SPACE see ya soon !!!!!

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